The University of San Carlos sees:
A WORLD where the darkness of sin and the night of
Unbelief vanish before the light of the Word and the
Spirit of grace.

A SOCIETY where citizens are competent, noble in character, and community-oriented:
- What they know, they apply justly and honestly.
- What they do not know, they seek to learn.
- What they do not have, they endeavor to acquire.
- What they have, they share.


The University of San Carlos is a Catholic institution
of learning that embodies the principles of academic
discipline of San Carlos Borromeo and the missionary
charism of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD).

We aim to develop competent and socially responsible
professionals and lifelong learners in an environment that
fosters excellence in the academic core processes of
teaching-learning, research, and community extension service.

Our mission is to provide timely, relevant, and
transformable academic programs responsive to the
needs of the local, national, and global communities
in a rapidly changing world.

University of San Carlos

Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the University of San Carlos develops its students’ professional competence, character, and social transformation. Since its founding, USC offers its learners varied academic environments that foster academic excellence and lifelong learning, developing future professionals who will leave their marks as leaders in their respective fields. Read more..

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