Academic Programs                                            
College of Architecture and Fine Arts

Graduate Programs
MArch Master of Architecture
majors in: Architectural Science
               Landscape Architecture
               Urban Design

Undergraduate Programs
BS Arch Bachelor of Science in Architecture
BS L Arch Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
majors: Advertising Arts
BS ID Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate Programs
PhD Anth Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology
PhD Phil Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy
MA Anth Master of Arts in Anthropology
MA AL Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
MA Econ Master of Arts in Economics
MA ELT Master of Arts in English Language Teaching
MA Guid Master of Arts in Guidance
MA Hist Master of Arts in History
MA Lit Master of Arts in Literature
MA Phil Master of Arts in Philosophy
MA Psyc Master of Arts in Psychology
majors: Industrial/ Organizational
            Social Psychology
MA CPsyc Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
MLIS Master of Library and Information Science (Thesis & Non-Thesis)
MS Biol Master of Science in Biology
majors: Botany
MS Chem Master of Science in Chemistry
MS ES Master of Science in Environmental Science
MS IT Master of Science in Information Technology
MS LS Master of Science in Library Science
MS MB Master of Science in Marine Biology
MS Math Master of Science in Mathematics
MS Phys Master of Science in Physics

Non-thesis Programs
MA Phys Master of Arts in Physics
M Biol Master of Biology
M Chem Master of Chemistry
M Econ Master of Economics
M Hist Master of History
M Math Master of Mathematics
M PoSc Master of Political Science
M Phil Master of Philosophy
M Phys Master of Physics
M Socio Master of Sociology

Undergraduate Programs
AB Bachelor of Arts
majors: Anthropology
            Political Science
AB Ling & Lit Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature
AB Ling Ed Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature with Professional    Education Courses
BLIS Bachelor of Library and Information Science
PhB Bachelor of Philosophy
BS App Phys Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
BS Biol Bachelor of Science in Biology
BS Biol Bachelor of Science in Biology
major in: Environmental Science
BS Chem Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
BSCS Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
BSIT Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
BS MB Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology
BS Math Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
BS Psyc Bachelor of Science in Psychology
ACT Associate in Computer Technology
majors: Database Technology
            Multi-Media Technology


Graduate Programs
Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Exec.MBA Executive Master in Business Administration
MBA Master in Business Administration
MSA Master of Science in Accountancy

Undergraudate Programs
BSA Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
BSMA Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting
BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
majors: Environmental Management
            Development Management
            Legal Management
            Executive Resources Management
double major: Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship
BTM Bachelor of Tourism Management
BSHRM Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
AHRM Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management
CBIM Certificate in Business and Information Management


Graduate Programs
Ph D Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Administration
  • Research and Evaluation
MAEd Master of Arts in Education
  • Educational Management
  • English Language Teaching
  • Guidance
  • Montessori Education (thesis and non thesis variants)
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Special Education (thesis and non thesis variants)
MA MEd Master of Arts in Mathematics Education (thesis and non-thesis)
MAReEd Master of Arts in Religious Education
MA ScEd Master of Arts in Science Education (thesis and non-thesis)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Undergraduate Programs
BEEd Bachelor of Elementary Education
BEd SpEd Bachelor of Education in Special Education
MontEd Bachelor of Education Early Childhood Education-Montessori Education
BSEd Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
  •   Biology - Chemistry
  •   Communication Arts (BSEd English-Filipino)
  •   Mathematics
  •   Music, Arts and Physical Education (BSEd MAPE)
  •   Physics- Chemistry
  •   Physics- Mathematics
  •   Religious Education- Values Education (BSEd ReEd-Vd)
BCTA Bachelor in Culinary and Textile Arts
BSND Bachelor Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
CPE Certificate in Professional Education
CTMontEd Certificate in Teaching Montessori Education
CTSpEd Certificate in Teaching Special Education


Graduate Programs
MCE Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
specialization: Structural/Geotechnical
                     Water Resources and Environmental
M Eng’g Master of Engineering major in Chemical Engineering
MS ChE Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
MCPE Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Options: Computer Network
             Digital System Design
             Software Engineering
MECE Master of Engineering in Electronics & Communications Engineering
Options: Computer and Communication
             Control Systems
MEE Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
Options: Control Systems
             Energy Management
MEM Master of Engineering in Engineering Management
MIE Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering
MME Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Options: Design & Dynamic Systems
             Thermal & Fluid Systems

Undergraduate Programs
BS CE Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BS ChE Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
BS CompE Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
majors: Computer Network
            Digital System Design
            Software Engineering
BS ECE Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
BS EE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BS IE Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
BS ME Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Ll B Bachelor of Laws


Graduate Programs
MSN Master of Science in Nursing
majors: Community Health Nursing
            Maternal and Child Health Nursing
            Medical- Surgical Nursing
            Psychiatric Nursing
MAN Master of Arts in Nursing
major in Clinical Supervision

Undergraduate Programs
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Graduate Programs
MS Pharm Master of Science in Pharmacy

Undergraduate Programs
BS CPS Bachelor of Science in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
BS Pharm Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Pre-Elementary Education
USC North Campus
USC South Campus
USC College of Education Montessori Laboratory

Elementary Education
USC North Campus Grade School
            General Maxilom Street, Cebu City
USC South Campus Grade School
            J. Alcantara Street, Cebu City

Secondary Education
USC North Campus High School
            General Maxilom Street, Cebu City
USC South Campus High School
            J. Alcantara Street, Cebu City

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